The First Realisation

pregnancy test

The first time when you miss your periods and get worried!!

Good News…is it??

The worry of what would be the exact reason? Am I really pregnant? Will the test be a positive or negative one? What if it turns out to be positive? How should I disclose the news to hubby? What if it is not positive even this time? Should I check at home or go and see a doctor?

Such endless questions come to the mind within minutes and ends up with testing on kits or with a Gynac. Finally when the news becomes assured ,the first realization comes in…realization of having a life growing inside you!

You start taking the first step in the journey of pregnancy. With butterflies in stomach, tensions in head, list of instructions on mind and a small tiny thing inside your tummy!

Here are 10 pretty ways to convey “The Good News” to your hubby.

  1. Plan a secret date at his favorite location and reveal the news to him by placing a cute note hidden inside the menu card or by telling him to order the food for 3. He would surprisingly ask who is the third one and you can answer this in a very special way!
  2. You can plan for a treasure hunt game with the last treasure being the testing kit with the positive pregnancy test result. Do not forget to capture the entire video of treasure hunt to make priceless lifetime memories.
  3. Send a surprise gift to his office with the “good news” note and tell any of his colleagues to record his reactions.
  4. Get printed T-shirts with captions as “Mom to Be” and “Daddy to Be” and plan for an outing. While preparing for the outing hand him the T-Shirt , let him wear and see in the mirror. It would be his life’s best T-Shirt ever!
  5. If you or he are a movie freak then you can simply adopt this one style which is shown in many of the movies. While serving tea/coffee to him early in the morning along with 2 tea cups place a third little one. I bet the tea would be the sweetest one of his life!
  6. You can throw a surprise with having family and friends at your house at evening when he comes home from office. And then the family and friends would disclose the “Good News” for you. This would give added happiness by having closed ones by your side.
  7. You can also try for baby moves to give him hint like you can serve his favorite drink in a baby feeding bottle. Place some soft toys and play toys all around the house. Placing a rocker by your bed side. Or placing a diaper pack in his closet etc.
  8. If he is an avid reader, you can gift him a good book like “Dude , You’re Gonna be a Dad!” by John Pfeiffer or any other alike this one with a cute note inside!
  9. You can get a key chain printed with message “Dad to be” and hand him over when he is rushing for the office.
  10. The most romantic way is to decorate your bedroom with the baby stuff and hangings and toys all over.Fill the bedroom with lots of flowers and fragnance . You can even lit candles all around and on the bed place two cushions with the scripts printed as “Daddy to Be” and “Mommy to Be”.

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